Tesla Model III (3)

This week we are visiting a few exotic car events and also getting to preview the new Tesla models, as we know the Model III is not currently available for consumers yet, but there are Tesla Model III sightings in the wild, which proves there are definitely beta testers already present.


This car is projected to be an absolute beast, just a quick overview of specs proves that: $35,000, 0-60 in less than 6 seconds (base model), sleek aesthetically pleasing design, all-electric, seats 5 adults COMFORTABLY (Tesla illustrates quite vividly). This has fans of the car manufacturer excited in anticipation for this upcoming car.


Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) promises that the car will have great performance as well as all the safety and warranties of its older sibling cars. People were in line to preorder this vehicle before it was even Officially Unveiled. I guess we can say Tesla is like the Apple of the car universe. Many would agree and see the similarities between both companies, they are highly successful and innovators at breaking the traditional mold of societal norms in their industry. All in all we know that Tesla is going to have a big achievement with this car already racking up 400,000 reservations, which gives Tesla a projected $12.2B currently in sales for the Model 3, not to mention the 22% increase in Model S sales, and the highly anticipated Model X. We will be at Tesla later this week for a followup be sure to view that for more info.

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1 thought on “Tesla Model III (3)

  1. Yet another great post AcquaNINJA! I always look forward to seeing new posts from you, its always a good read 🙂


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