‘AcquaNINJA Glitch’ affecting Nexus 6P causes a stir in Google Headquaters


In modern day flagships companies can only moderate and check so much internally before the product is released. Certain version(s) of the Nexus 6P with the model ‘MDB08K’ are prone to a glitch deemed the “AcquaNINJA Glitch” by Google Executives due to it being the first reported via AcquaNINJA. This glitch affects certain bands which will affect certain companies currently MetroPCS / T-Mobile are confirmed. This issue concerns where the Nexus 6P tethering/hotspot feature will seem to function properly, but when another device tries to connect it will show the infamous “!” on later versions of Android (i.e. lollipop, marshmallow) and the “∆” on iOS devices meaning the connection between the two is severed. Google is developing a patch for these variants soon and the fix is imminent. If you have a Nexus 6P with this model number just be patient in the upcoming weeks.



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