Google Photos Adds Album Sharing Editing in Version 2.0


For all those anticipating the new release you should be with this update you’ll be able to edit albums that are shared with you and even add your own. This is an excellent feature for multiple people that took pictures of a trip on separate phones. The new Chromecast is already compatible, but with this update a slew of new shortcuts shall be added to the drop down menu in Google Photos while using a Chromecast. With modern day flagships the upload speed should improve about 11%.
There are many people that have concerns of safety and the shared album is condensed only to the one person or more that you send to. After updating who can see any new members can request to share your mutual album. Seems like a very nifty feature for couple as well. Set to release near early December this will be the update to change how we use Google Photos.

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4 thoughts on “Google Photos Adds Album Sharing Editing in Version 2.0

  1. I want to delete some photos matked with google symbol. Have asked several times


    1. Define the “Google symbol”. If it is a cloud shape with a √ inside then you can just press and hold and then at the top click the trash icon


      1. No cloud. Looks like a four sided star of different color s. Dont see cloud u mentioned.


  2. No ot is loke a 4 side colored star. Can’t use cloud. Dont have one


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