Tesla Model (III)


2016 Tesla Model-3 (by Tesla motors) an American Luxury Automobile company is again going to set its foot high in the market of electric cars by launching its all-new fully electric 2016 Tesla Model-3. It is rumoured to be 20per cent smaller than Model S and is relatively cheaper. It is the most awaited car among the customers.

Tesla Model 3 2016

Tesla has put in a lot of efforts to deliver this powerful model with great performance. The company has yet to disclose the complete technical specification by next year, it is expected that it will match the level of BMW’s supercar models M3 and M4.


Interior and Exterior Details

The exterior styling elements of 2016 Tesla Model 3 are a combination of Model X and Model S. the car looks stylish and fresh with its sloping hood, fastback roof, sharper headlights, curvaceous wheel arches, and updated grille. Extra contours are given on the hood and flanks.

Tesla Model 3 2016 – Interior

In contrast to its great looks, the interiors of the first model comprise of downgrading materials. However, there is no compromise with the technology and is fully equipped with touchscreen up front, Bluetooth connectivity, rear backup camera, heated seats, and standard navigation.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3 2016 – Side and Rear View

Tesla has developed a new battery pack with a dual motor configuration to deliver 2016 Tesla Model 3. The motor is placed at the end of the car and the batteries under the floor. The car has great performance and efficiency can run up to 200 miles in a one-time charge. The highest speed achieved by the model is 125 mph. The options in battery include 75, 85 and 90 kWh unit. The output is graded at 250 horsepower a torque of 340 pound-feet. The car is expected to be 20 percent smaller than the model ‘S’.



Price and Release Date of 2016 Tesla Model 3

The release date of the 2016 Tesla Model 3 is not yet confirmed, but will arrive at market in the year 2016. The cost of the entry level car is estimated to be around $35,000 excluding taxes. The price will increase with the upgraded models. The car is considerably cheaper as compared to other electric cars.

Tesla Model 3 2016

To conclude, everyone will simply love the new 2016 Tesla Model which is an ultimate green luxury car and a ludicrously fast sports sedan. It strongly competes with BMW 3-series, Lexus IS, Mercedes C-Class, and Jaguar XE.

SOURCE: Noah / Tesla

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