Ford Mustang GT 2016 Review


The 2016 Ford Mustang GT is an icon, This is an amazingly powerful and eye-catching machine that appeals o the thrill-seeking individuals. For the full list of pictures refer to this link  Mustang GT 2016.




Overview: Firstly lets talk about the “real reason” why anyone would want to buy a new muscle car, the torque/power and under the hood of this beast lays an untapped 410 HP and pulling 280-400 lb-ft torque, so on highway you can feel the acceleration. With the stock tires this car really grips to the road like its supposed to and gracefully at that. This car excels at the areas that it should being an American muscle car.


Highlight Features: I made a separate video regarding this topic, but for starters the paddle shifters are a great edition and the variable modes that are in-depth later in this review. Another is subtle, but the light(s) throughout the design. Ford truly went out of their way to give this car its own unique accent. The signal lights flash individually for a touch of flare, and the doors have mini projections of mustangs when exiting the vehicle. The amount of hidden features is vast, but most are in the interior and lights, just touring around the car gets car enthusiasts revved up. 


The Cons: Lets be real, MPG and Viewing Angles are huge issues to consider before trading in your Prius for this, but they are not the worst ever. I recorded 24.1 MPG in my daily use which included highways and city areas. So not horrendous, though the larger gas capacity will leave you at the pump (a lot). Viewing angles are obscure to say the least, mostly you will be flowing past people, so no need to worry about that though.


Interior: I know most of you are wondering about the jet-like design of the Mustang GT well it looks like this from the drivers perspective. There are so many nobs and gadgets that one may get lost in the sea of buttons, but no fear AcquaNINJA is here. So lets start left-most to right, you have the auto-on-off headlights toggle nob and all of the door controls. In the middle you have an infotainment module in the background and in the foreground the steering wheel which comes equipped with module controls, cruise control, music vol+/vol-, and all of the wireless call buttons. On the center console (this is where the magic happens) you have another infotainment center, music controls, climate controls, variable AC controls, and most importable the 4 tabs that are explained below. 


The Pros: Overall this car is an absolute beauty. The grip and absolute control you have over these horses are phenomenal. You’ll be getting requests and compliments all day driving this beast of a machine. The power and torque “make it feel as though you are in a jet” and the internals back that claim up. While we are at it even the cockpit looks jet-like with its dual sided toggle switches which control the mode.


Drive Modes

Normal: Best MPG, uses less engine power and hibernates the torque. This is the typical mode for cruising about the city or highway at a leisurely pace. 

Sport: Ideal when a bit of power is desired. Often times is the better option instead of going ‘all-out’ with the elusive Track mode. When you need a little extra power (ie. quick race)

Track: Maximum power and engine potential (all manual modes are on except shifting) this will open the engine up. Intended for track or actual races, this mode optimizes the fuel intake as well for the car giving you peak performance. 

Winter: For not so suitable terrains.


Conclusion: Along with the modes this car is equipped with so many other features that make it appealing even being the passenger. Overall this is a very nice and classic car that benefited from the revision. If you are in need of a little excitement I would definitely advise test driving one of these. You can find more information at 


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    1. Thanks, I’ll post more car reviews, and extend this one a lot. It was so popular.


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