Hyundai Accent 2016 Review


The epitome of economic in terms of MPG and had conservation, for a full gallery of the Hyundai Accent 2016 refer to this link Hyundai Accent 2016





Overview: The car for the eco/green people. This car  is an excellent gas sipper more on this in the Pro section. Essentially this is not the best looking car, nor the fastest or anything of the sort. It is like the nerdy girl in the back of class, does not have the features that most look for, but definitely fulfills a niche and those that are interested in this car know what they want MPG.

The Interior: Surprisingly the interior is not that bad, and has the comfortable seating and the standard buttons for controlling radio and aux cords. Speaking of which all trim models come with AUX and USB ports for those who like to play car DJ.

The Exterior: This is probably the main reason many people young and old alike won’t consider this car, it has a lot to be desired and fits the typical mold of the expectation of a compact car.


The Pros: Excellent MPG, so much so that the car implements almost every modern day feature to save gas, such as conserving while the car is idle and engine conservation during traffic scenarios. There even is a gauge to critic your driving showing a current MPG as well as potential MPG. Another highlight of this car is the amazing viewing angles, since the windows are so wide one can literally see all the blindsides (even with a passenger).

IMG_20151205_201546 (1).jpg

The Cons: Where to begin.. While this car is not really appealing to any crowd it fails to appeal to any. This is probably the most average car EVER. The few bella and whistles are over shadowed by the lack of anything other than its ability to navigate you from point A – B. Even in that the Camry and Civic have this car beat in almost every category. It is slightly cheaper, but for the quality of other brands it’s worth the $1-3k difference in price.

Conclusion: If someone gave me an ultimatum involving choosing this car or a random choice of any other choice in this class. I would choose the random choice (every time). If you are considering this average car click this link Accent 2016.


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