AcquaNINJA with Lamborghini Miami (Supercars)

The long awaited journey of me behind the wheel and looking at the exotic and awesome supercars of the world is finally here. To see it in Full HD  you can get the entire tour as well as the interior and see me start up the Aventador SV I went to Lamborghini Miami, suggested via Mike from TopSpeed which we have a little YouTube collaboration. Here is of the pictures of Lamborghini Miami that I have taken and are credited to me via Google Maps and Google Photos.


These were some of the most sporty supercars on the planet, The Pagani Huayra was there in all its full carbon fibre goodness. As well as the highest trim from every other car manufacturer, such as the Audi R8, BMW i8, Jaguar XK , every model of Ferrari, and so many more.


The outside car park was more exotic brilliant than the inside, with all the tiers and colour options for the different Lamborghinis and Ferraris. The company has a good lineage of trading, so you will see just about everything out there. If you want to have a full virtual tour go for it, so many V8-V12s that you just might want to save up a ¼ of a million ($) to go buy yourself a Lamborghini.



Heres a 360° view of the interior of Lamborghini Miami. I want to thank Mike, Google, and the awesome people at Lamborghini Miami for the experience. If you are looking to buy a supercar in Miami look no further than Lamborghini Miami.

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