AcquaNINJA Releases T-Shirt Line

After the hype for my Nintendo shirts I figured why not make it official and release a collection of shirts via Teespring which have an amazing platform to release shirts at reasonable with custom designs.  I currently have men and women shirts with a plethora of colours. The innovative part of why I partnered with Teespring versus another shirt distributor is each of the shirts is only around for a limited amount of time, which means I will have to refresh the “campaigns” (periods of time when shirts are available). I’ll have all my current campaigns available at my storefront (updated constantly) for the new designs see below:

  • Exclusive Promo (Coming Soon)
  • Beach Life (Coming Soon)
  • Technology (Coming Soon)
  • Screw Trump (Coming Soon)
  • Holiday 2016 (Coming Soon)

Several people have been promoting my shirts already and they have been gaining popularity (ie Twitter).  img_1408

In the first day for the shirts being on Instagram they received over 700+ likes, which shows the public is definitely interested. Likely I’ll have about 7 or so campaigns running simultaneously at one time. Check out my Twitter or Instagram for updates on the shirts and here for the latest updates and to order one of these exclusive shirts.


Hopefully these campaigns will inspire others to start project that they have been wanting to accomplish. Also if you have any designs or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

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1 thought on “AcquaNINJA Releases T-Shirt Line

  1. Congratulations on the clothing line AcquaNINJA, loving the design and colours! Definitely can’t wait to wear mine 🙂


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