Company Divisions at AcquaNINJA

We are AcquaNINJA a profit corporation based out of Miami, recognized by the state of Florida currently viewable in Google, Sunbiz, and IRS. We specialize in technology and software. The company currently has three divisions that can be categorized as the following.

  • Software Division
  • Design Division
  • Innovation Division 

Which breakdown as the following: the software division focuses on the creative aspects of mobile and web development as well as product reviews pertaining to software. This was the starting point for the company and we have an aspiration to become a reputable tech company in the industry.

The next and currently most profitable division of our company is the design division which puts emphasis on the creation of hardware whether its technology or fashion. Currently we have an online store which has many types of apparel to choose from ranging from shirts to hoodies to women’s flowy dress-like designs.  Likely we will expand enough to integrate the technology into the clothing line like the Google project. Designing has always been a passion of ours and there are so many ideas that we shall implement in the near future.

Lastly the innovation division is for everything else that AcquaNINJA has to offer such as patents and ideas that could pave the way for inventions to come for the future. Also charity and giving back, we currently have a $26k shirt which we hope will sell and we will give a large portion to charity. There are so many inventions, blueprints, and prototypes that AcquaNINJA has to show the world.

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