We are introducing a new scoring / rating system called the AcquaScore which is a colour coded scale that will accompany our technology and car reviews. We wanted to revive car reviews, we realized there is a fanbase that appreciates our viewpoint and perspective on the car industry. Similar to our technology reviews we will have partner videos to our written reviews which can be found on our YouTube. We will have the technology and car reviews in separate places which will be found in the main menu of this site. The breakdown of how the different products shall be graded shall go as follows:

Tech Reviews 

They will be graded in the categories of camera, aesthetics, features, screen, battery, processors, and optimization. This giving a nice smooth and easy to understand scale of how amazing or awful a piece of technology is.


Car Reviews

For car reviews we used the same style horizontal bar graph only the metrics are different to partner with cars. The stats are acceleration, aesthetics, features, handling, MPG, Technology, Top Speed, and Viewing Angles. The list is so diverse that no car is going to excel at every category nor is any car going to fail at all of them. This mix makes for interesting review results say you rely on a car to go from Point A – Point B then MPG might be the most important category while someone that cares about aesthetics may only like supercars like the Ferrari 488. We know this balance will attract a wide target audience.

Cars Reviewed

2018 Hyundai Ioniq

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