Project Promena

Official Google Document: Project Promena

We have been developing Project Promena which is a futuristic footwear concepts for the masses. These will be as stylish and sexy like designer heels but using patent pending AcquaFLEX® technology will be extremely comfortable like walking on a cloud and up to 3x as durable. We currently have a poll on Twitter for which styles of footwear women prefer and concept heels could look. Depending on the voting will vary which concepts we decide to start with. The concepts are a showcase of the AcquaFLEX technology that we hope to integrate into other companies footwear in the future. We will integrate technology such as luminescence into the designs which will glow and be controllable via an app. For further information or to be a model for AcquaNINJA contact Khi Turner

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3 thoughts on “Project Promena

  1. Hey Khi You know I’m not on Twitter but those shoe cute very cute.Mom

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


    1. I know that’s why I post all the links to the site so everyone can see


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