AcquaNINJA App(s)

App development is no simple task as you can see in my Google Developer Console showcase.


This is the API Manager which contains pretty much the basis of the Google API within it. The initial screen gives a walkthrough of the basics for the interface.image

On the side tab the main tab is the Google Cloud Platform which is where a developer shall be spending the bulk of their time. There are so many options: enable API, starting your app, VM quick start, and options within those. Very quickly a novice can get overwhelmed betwixt the sea of selections.image

As you can notice in my “Hello World” application I can grant others permissions to edit, view, et cetera so the majority of the control is where you desire. This is a very useful feature for those seeking delegation of tasks.


Lastly all application creation and activity goes in the Activity tab. Currently I’m in development of two mobile applications, one independently, and another with a partner. As more information becomes available I’ll post the progress of them to you.

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