AcquaNINJA Breaks Google Record

My photography ability has netted me over 3.5 million views over Google Maps (desktop and mobile), which is a great to marvel at since I primarily take pictures of Miami. Here’s the message from Google.



Google showing my top photos as well as my view count



Google showing my weekly records



Google showing recent photos, I love how you can see past week/total views.



Google showing my last photos



This is how the Google Maps interface looks for a Local Guide (like myself). There’s a few more options and toggles also the next screen shown below gives a more in-depth view of each of the three categories (contribute, reviews, photos)

Photos interface: note it shows all the photos in chronological order as well as current views. This is helpful for those like myself that likes information at a glance. Thank you Google and those who support my endeavours, I’ll be doing greater and greater feats in time.

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1 thought on “AcquaNINJA Breaks Google Record

  1. Congratulations AcquaNINJA on your Google maps achievement, well deserved.


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