Volkswagen Jetta TSI 2015 Review


The Jetta is the go to car for females and supportive people alike, but this car has a lot to offer with the exception to that. For a full set of images for to this link VW Jetta 2015





Overview: This is a really great car for a lot of reasons namely all the areas that it performs well in which is basically everything. For a nice cross-bred compact, mid-sized car this car excels in both giving the best of both worlds.


Interior: One of the iconic features of all VW cars. The interior is rather clean-finished and lots of leg room for the front passengers. Depending on which trim model you acquire will determine the amount of features you have. For all except the base tier one would get the 7.9″ LCD touchscreen. All models come with standard climate controls ans the typical radio and call controls built within the steering wheel.

Exterior: The design of the Jetta 2015 is quiet appealing with its low body  and wide curves it gives this car a rather sporty look for the modern day college girl. Also it has the small profile of a compact car, which makes it easier for parking in tight spaces.


The Pros: Nice design, excels in multiple categories, comes standard with many features, can get ECO boost or LED headlights optional for very little amount of money. And this car really flies in “Sport” mode where it accelerates faster and allows for higher RPM before shifting gears. Did I mention this car comes standard with a sport mode? So there are many things to love about the Jetta including the price which is under $17k.

The Cons: Like most to get any REAL power out of this car you will have to spend a few more thousand. Maintenance fees are a killer for this car as the parts are foreign and also the car is known to occasionally have problems every 50k miles or so, so expect to spend your savings on that. Also the stigma of having this car if you are man is sort of self conscious driving this, but aside from the power and appeal this car has few faults.

Conclusion: One of the better car (especially aesthetically), if you are looking for a nice cheap point A-B car that also looks nice and drives well this is definitely the car for you. Remember its only $17k as well, so get more info at Jetta Creator.

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  1. Great review, very informative! Thank you for sharing it with us AcquaNINJA 🙂


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