AcquaNINJA’s 1st Sponsored Review (USB Type-C)


Recently an Asian brand AngLink reached out and sponsored me to review one of their core products. I was completely unaware that I am the voice of USB Type-C, according to YouTube rankings for my random USB Type-C video(s).


AngLink has a new 6-port USB hub that has one super-high speed port (red) and one USB Type-C port for all the technology 2015-Future. Many do not know of USB Type-C, so to elaborate on it simply it is the future of charging and file transferring. There are some key benefits to switch between the past standard USB Type-A the main three; one being the unification between all devices (notebooks, desktops, smartphones, and tablets). The other two are faster charging and file transfer speeds via 3.1 standard. Below are the different types of USB.E0CB3DE7-09AE-4A60-B64D-B12F4D69B7CB-1457-000001671F2431E9


So AngLink looking toward the future was very rewarding seeing they have included USB Type-C. The device works as expected it is amazing with emulators as now you can host up to 8 players in games like Halo that support it. On mobile it is really great at charging your devices all at the same time. Imagine you are on a long road trip with three of your friends in your car and you all need to charge your phones 7 hours in. Well, before this you possibly could have used your car to charge one or two of the phones, but the other two would have to fight for next dibs. Now, with this very inexpensive 6 port USB hub you can charge all the phones simultaneously which is very awesome. If you would like to purchase one for only $20 you can buy one from Amazon.


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