A NEW Editor from the North

Let’s address the elephant in the room:

How in the world did a college student from New Hampshire become an editor for AcquaNINJA, based in Miami, Florida? The answer is actually relatively simple: A cellphone.

I met the creator for this blog while out to get a new cellphone while being down for the summer, as asinine and unbelievable as that sounds. Though him and I bonded over crude jokes and several conversations while going through the tedious process of setting up my phone, we began to talk about ourselves: Our ambitions, goals, and aspirations, along with our skills, which included graphic design and writing.

A day or so after receiving the phone, and a phone call or two later, we decided to join forces.

Alas, now comes the fun part: the introduction about myself.

My name Amber,

Though I study up north where it’s better to be part Viking and made of ice, it’s the wanderlust that attracted me to go so far away from home.

All for a degree in creative writing and minors in psychology and marketing, with some of those classes being honors. Sure, there’s nature and small towns and a stark difference in energy from the loud, hustle and bustle of Miami, which can drain an individual if they aren’t careful.

Other than collecting debt for a fancy piece of paper, I typically enjoy the finer things in life: Books, video games, and outings with those I choose to spend my time with and connecting with others on a cellular level, whether it’s higher thinking or having a similar mindset. Or goofing off with friends; sadly, there’s no in between.


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