Google Nexus Launcher 

What was exclusively a Google Nexus feature is now available for all Android phones. It is currently available solely through the APK form, do it is NOT available via the Play Store. To download the official APK it’s here Nexus Launcher and to fix the wallpaper glitch also download this wallpaper fixer. For the official video of the Nexus Launcher, check out my Nexus video.

There are so many notable features some including the circle folders that were rumored for Android 7.0 (Nougat). Others are brand new like the pull-up style app drawer with a new search bar and most commonly used apps. Also for Google search the bar is shrunk to show off more of the wallpaper as well as the calendar and date.

One of the most iconic features of the Nexus Launcher is the ability to change your wallpaper on the fly, or have it automatically download the latest image and use that as your background. On the wallpaper it shows the current wallpaper / creator as well as allowing you to change to anything else you desire. 

This is the background for my phone today generated by Google, so as you can see it will change while you are asleep giving you a new phone experience daily. Unlike many standalone apps this is a part of the operating system, so there is no need to open an app every time you restart your phone or clear your apps. It will always work automatically and seamlessly in the background as it should.
There are so many subtle changes that differentiate this and the Google Now Launcher which was another development from Google for Nexus that spread to other devices. There are more improvements than not, so as of yet using the beta it seems like an upgrade. For more news make sure you subscribe to this website and my YouTube.

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