AcquaNINJA is Now Registered with State of Florida as a Corporation (Sunbiz)


As of January 10th 2017 AcquaNINJA is now a “profit corporation” in Miami, Florida. The government has certain laws and regulations for companies to follow. All Florida (credible) companies can be found via Sunbiz, and for us we can be located by searching for AcquaNINJA in the search field. This is just another procedure in the expansion process of the company. As we continue to grow in popularity and products, we still hold the same ideology of “crafting technology for the future”. In the coming months along with several new design styles, we are going to be unveiling a few prototypes that will definitely help shape the way our cars function, how we pay for products, and simplifying everyday life, so make sure you follow us here at AcquaNINJA (it’s free) and you’ll get the latest updates.

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