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In the sea of modern day smartphones one can get lost in the glitter and glam of it all. There should be a place to just get to the basics of whether you should buy that phone or not. So, currently we have a vast selection of phones that the staff use and decided to not only rate them, but give an overview of them (using pros/cons) like we did with the supercars. The ratings are based off our opinions in 2017, so the bias is minimal. Without further ado lets start the list with two most popular phones and then random order, shall we?

(Overview Coming Soon)

Samsung S7 Edge

Overall: A,  Display: A+, Processor(s): A-, Camera(s): A, Features: A

iPhone 7 Plus

Overall: A, Display: B-, Processor(s): A, Camera(s): A+, Features: A-

iPod Touch (5th Gen)

Overall: C, Display: C-, Processor: C, Camera(s): C-, Features: C

ZTE Maven / ZTE Maven 2

Overall: C+, Display: C, Processor: C, Cameras: C, Features: C

Samsung S4

Overall: B-, Display: B, Processor: C+, Camera(s): B-, Features: B

Google Nexus 6P

Overall: A, Display: A-, Processor: A, Camera(s): A-, Features: A-

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