Behind The Scenes At Lamborghini Miami

So my photographer and I wanted to see the exclusive cars at Lamborghini Miami. They graciously allowed us to film the back sections (blocked to public) to see the vicious modded and rarer cars. As if the Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini Huracans were not superior enough already. We took hundreds of pics and several videos that will be viewable in the coming weeks on my YouTube.



Some of the highlights would include the triple Bugatti in red, white, and blue which can be seen on my Instagram after scrolling. There was a custom Miami vinyled (Christmas Themed) Lamborghini Gallardo which is epic by all means. There were also a long line of high tiered cars ranging from Ferrari to McLaren to Lamborghini, it was simply an amazing sight that you would have to see to believe.

The best part of seeing these supercars up close and getting in them is how you can aspire to get to that point someday in life, one could actually finance a Lamborghini Huracan (NEW) for as little as $1993 / month, yet you will be paying it off in a ten year cycle. Is it really worth it considering running costs and insurance, so even at its cheapest these supercars cost between $4.8k -$6k to own per month and if that sounds like a breeze to you then head over to Lamborghini Miami and pick up your next supercar.

A wise millionaire once told me that ‘success is not born overnight and those that have it are not willing to confess the secrets, otherwise they would have more competition. Working hard is no surefire way to become successful you need a competitive edge‘. Honestly this may be the truest statement, who in life can say I followed the rules and became successful? Think back to Harriet Tubman and the runaway slaves, she had to adapt to change and break the rules in order to free the slaves, and soon she may be commemorated by being placed on the US twenty dollar bill. Others in the civil rights movement had to disobey in order to gain equality. Even congress people or Hilary Clinton have admitted to breaking certain rules in order to advance their careers, so in conclusion if you want to get ahead in life just do what your heart feels.


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