Virtual Makeup Using Augmented Reality (AR)


In this modern day of Pokemon GoSnapchat, among other augmented reality apps there is much room for this technology to emerge. Many analysts predict by about 2022 that one can walk into a mall or local store and be able to see virtual version(s) of their products before purchasing.

A Japanese tech engineer developed technology that allows one to paint their face anyway they would like virtually (makeup typically) and to be able to move with the program being able to adjust the lighting and colours to match your face appearing to give you any look in real-time. This technology has so many practical uses beyond taking awesome selfies on Snapchat.

Snapchat is future thinking in its most recognizable popular feature, filters! Why are filters so popular? Because they allow the user to become immersed in a funny face, or to swap faces with a friend, or even have multiple beauty filters attached at the same time. The things that we secretly crave are a change in routine, which is exactly what augmented reality is.


Think of it this way in a very practical sense, if you are a girl and you want to know how a certain shade of lipstick will look on you before buying instead of wasting the stores product on something that you may not buy you could simply use augmented reality to simulate exactly how the lipstick would look on you before you purchase it.

There are so many benefits beyond saving product, such as being able to compare multiple products side by side. In that scenario you could have half of your lips shaded with one colour and the other with another colour. Also if you wanted to paint your house and see how a shade of paint would look on your wall (before actually painting) it would be super practical.

Along with all of these reasons it is just a way to progress us further and further into the future. In 1992 we were introduced to VR (Virtual Reality), so having augmented reality is the obvious logical step forward. Allowing us to see the world we live in through a different filter. Whichever filter we choose!

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